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Our team travels across the country putting on motivating shows in schools to encourage/empower kids to cultivate their talents for the arts and creativity. The show includes world class piano and singing set to popular themes youth know and love, motivational speaking, fun youth involvement and teacher participation. This show presents teachable moments, amazement, inspiration, motivation - but most importantly has a Jesus Christ centered focus to steer youth to live for Christ, find their voice in schools for the Lord, empower them to start Bible studies and youth led Christian events during and after school and to spread a 'Youth Kingdom Movement' from their school to the entire community. We want to help them usher in youth REVIVAL! 

*If your school will not allow us in during school hours, we can work with you to host an on-campus, after school event and/or a see-you-at-the-pole prayer/worship time before school starts. *On that school day, we're hoping to invite students to a local church event that our team will lead.


BRING US TO YOUR SCHOOL & CHURCH or VENUE. Connect us with your local Christian clubs, teachers, students, pastors, churches, etc..  It takes us working together to make a big impact, but we're already seeing incredible progress, breakthrough and the start of something INCREDIBLE that God is doing. Jesus wants youth set free and to see schools on fire for God - free to pray, share the Bible, speak openly, witness sincere, learn about the principles of our Savior and Healer to everyone just as HE intended.  Contact us at:


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