2 0 1 8 - 2 0 2 0   T O U R


December         Central Church of the Nazarene                              Michigan

MARCH               Tuscanny                                                                     Las Vegas

APRIL                  Don't Tell Mamma Piano                                          Las Vegas

MAY                     Community Church                                                  Nashville

JUNE 12              State Arts Commission solo show                          South Carolina

JUNE 23              FAITH FEST solo show                                               Michigan

                             + Smile FM radio interview/single play

JUNE 30-1st       One Hope Community Church                                 Ohio

JULY 6                 Tucci's    Wine * Steaks * Fish       7-10pm              Ohio

JULY 8-15           One Hope                                                                    Ohio

JULY 28              Tucci's    Wine * Steaks * Fish       7-10pm              Dublin, Ohio

AUG 9-12, 16-19,             THE NYC PIANO BAR   @theNYCpianobar facebook  

OCT                                                                                                           Nashville

NOV 1              Atlanta Radio Station hour interview/song play      Atlanta

NOV 15           The Sports Guy & So Much More RADIO show    Atlanta/Chicago,+

NOV  28             Atlanta Live tv show for WATC TV 57                       Atlanta              

DEC   2-31         Carnival LIBERTY cruise tour (Port Canaveral)       Bahamas


JAN   1-29           Carnival LIBERTY cruise tour (Port Canaveral)      Bahamas

FEB                     -30 minute solo show for WGCA Radio The Mix    Illinois

                            -30 minute solo show for WTJR Television

                            -Nashville TV,  show + radio                                      Nashville

                            -KJIC Radio   

                            -church                                                                         Wisconsin

FEB 27               -CTN TV SHOW performance/interview                   Florida 

MARCH 4-31      Carnival Valor (cruise tour)(Galveston, TX)            Caribbean            

APRIL 1-6            Carnival Valor (cruise tour)(Galveston, TX)            Caribbean

APRIL 10              WGCA Radio - AND - WTJR TV show                       Illinois

APRIL 12              Clayton Baptist church ministry concert               Illinois

APRIL 14              The Well - concert                                                      Iowa

APRIL 21              Victory Assembly of God                                          Nashville

APRIL 27              EternalHeirs worship Gateway Academy For       Nashville

                              Young Men

MAY 4                  Private Show                                                               Florida

MAY 10                The Gate Church-Franklin Prayer House               Nashville

MAY 13                The Gate Church-Franklin Prayer House               Nashville

May 24-31           Carnival Liberty (cruise tour)                                   Florida

JUNE 1-31            Carnival Liberty (cruise tour)                                    

JULY 1-24             Carnival Liberty (cruise tour)                                    

AUG 1-4               Carnival Liberty (cruise tour)

AUG 5-22             Carnival Imagination (cruise tour)                          Los Angeles

SEPT 8                  Bedford Church 10am                                               Virginia

SEPT 8                  Private party                                                               Virginia

SEPT 16, 18, 23   The Gate Church-Franklin Prayer House                Nashville

OCT 2, 4, 7           The Gate Church-The Franklin Prayer House        Nashville  

OCT 12-                Carnival Valor (cruise tour)

DEC 12th              Carnival Valor (cruise tour)                                     New Orleans

DEC 15th              TBA Christmas Party Memphis


JAN 21               Christian Women's Club - ministry concert                                              SC

JAN 27              The Gate Church-Franklin Prayer House                                               Nashville

FEB 3                The Gate Church-Franklin Prayer House                                               Nashville

FEB 7-                Royal Caribbean HARMONY OF THE SEAS (cruise tour)                  Port Canaveral

MARCH             Royal Caribbean HARMONY OF THE SEAS (cruise tour)                       (Orlando)

APRIL                 Royal Caribbean HARMONY OF THE SEAS (cruise tour

MAY-10            Royal Caribbean HARMONY OF THE SEAS (cruise tour)

JUNE               TBA Florida Artist Series Concert                                                       FLORIDA

OCT 10           Major Music Event Fundraiser for a cause (more details soon)                 TEXAS

As of 2018, Jeremy is an approved Artist in Residence through the Arts Commission of SC for all schools and partnering with the PLAY Foundation where we he will be putting on a show for kids in schools all across the country! PLAY is significant in helping motivate youth pursue their dreams and use their talents for the arts. They will also be helping to start after school arts programs and a counseling center just for kids!

We would love for you to partner with us by bringing PLAY and Jeremy Ray to your school/community! The show is a solo musical experience written by Jeremy and PLAY to motivate your students, encourage them to dream big, build character, while 'wowing' them with virtuoso piano playing and popular vocal songs for all ages. We have a program specific for elementary, middle or high school. During the 40-60 minute experience, we incorporate interaction with the teachers and kids so everyone feels included and wanted. Lipsync battles, student karaoke, props, student dream interview, Star Wars, Super Mario Brothers, Flight of the Bumblebee, teacher musical chairs, Disney medley, Broadway favs, the last 5 year favs are all some numbers that may pop up in the show +more! All this, intermixed with great motivational/character building speaking by Jeremy. This is a show to remember and will inspire your students to dream big, with LOTS of fun and laughter for everyone.

I have never been so honored and excited to help promote a more worthy cause that we believe will help change future generations. Providing kids with uplifting, encouraging and jaw-dropping moments during school hours will meet kids right where they are...I feel this needs to happen's part of a schools purpose. I want schools to inspire and rejuvenate kids - PLAY is one of those ways!


My entire upbringing and outlet was for music and the arts, which helped change/form my whole life. When I was in middle school, a group like this came and performed for us and it was the greatest day of that year for me - I still think about it today. I want kids now, and future generations, to experience freedom through creativity and the arts in this same way, but better - it can happen with PLAY!


The #1 focus in Jeremy's life is to serve Jesus Christ and carry out His plan. Much of that means traveling church to conference to festival event performing and ministering, then repeat. He goes everywhere big and small. Here are some of the most common ways he ministers: 


Lead worship for the day/night at your church to help usher in God's presence and refresh your congregation with a renewed Holy Spirit fervency.

We understand churches already have gifted worship leaders and volunteers that bring down 'the power' on a constant/needed basis every week, BUT there's something very powerful about bringing in other singers/speakers from time to time to really help revitalize, rejuvenate and impart something new to your worship team and congregation. Plus it helps folks gain a needed perspective on other ministries and a chance to rally behind what God is doing with the body of Christ on a larger scale. 

Jeremy has been a worship leader for over a decade at small and large churches that reached over 40,000+ people via tv/radio ministries and truly understands the impact of bringing in outside leaders to refresh the current ministry at your church.


More than 50% of his ministry would be in this category. This option would take up the full allotted Sunday morning service(s) where Jeremy incorporates worship, prayer and speaking. 

As much as Jeremy loves worship, he loves speaking and teaching congregations through God's word and emphasizing the power of  corporate pray. Praying together as a congregation on Sunday is something the church as a whole often misses out on for any extended period of time and this overall category is perfect to dig deep together as one body praying some, worshipping and hearing a message throughout. This allows the Sunday morning to be led more freely so Jeremy can lead the congregation even more by the Spirit and react in the moment to what God wants, how God wants to move and what's needed/most affective at that time. (For example, does God want us to have more worship, then pray together over specific topics/for each other...or maybe we worship then go right into preaching with an alter call...or we worship then someone in the church needs to be prayed over,'s about what God wants for 'you.')

For me, THIS is how I minister best because I can freely prepare and then be led by the Spirit as to how God wants to do things at your church, which ultimately IS the purpose of church and ministry...WE WANT to hear from God, WE WANT GOD to show up and work powerfully in our lives, in your congregation, we want revival in our hearts and the overflow...THIS is how we can BE the church and not just 'do' church or go through the motions. God wants to show up so powerfully at your church continually. My prayer is that I can be another vessel to help bring that refreshing oil.


If anyone remembers DINO, the Christian virtuoso pianist we grew up with, then you'll love this modern updated concert. Lots of laughs and jaw-dropping piano of familiar classic tunes, some Christian and some #1 world favorites, all written and remastered by Jeremy.

One of his favorite things to do is rewrite the classics turning some songs like Imagine or Tiny Dancer into Christian, hits in his segment he calls, "What if they were Christians!"

This option is more performance driven with Carnegie Hall worthy piano playing and vocal songs, but ultimately focuses on Christ and leading everyone into a powerful time with God.




This is similar to the SPEAKER/WORSHIP/PRAYER COMBO, but even more an  intimate atmosphere. Worship Nights are very much for folks who really love/understand the power of worship, want a serious encounter with God/'Jesus soaking' session. Expect the Spirit to move strong, expect to feel God's presence in a powerful way, expect strongholds to be broken and leave changed and refreshed by God's. Worship nights are welcomed for everyone, but for the on fire, zealous, passionate person that wants to step right into the presence of God and bring heaven to earth and overflow to others. 


These are mountain top nights and what I LIVE for! The more we seek and expect God to show up, the more HE does. God inhabits the praises of His people - this means we have a part in worshiping, preparing our hearts/minds to receive and pulling on God to show up - I want all of God, every time! 


Are you a non-profit or organization putting on an event and in need of good, clean, fun entertainment? This is the best option for you. I've worked with many to help make the event atmosphere come alive with music of all types. For these events, often classic top 40 songs of all genres works to benefit everyone, or Christian music is fine too...Jeremy can meet all your musical needs as he's proficient in every musical genre and performs for both secular and Christian audiences on the regular. Some of his latest collabs include World Orphans, The Old News Boys, PLAY Foundation, New Life, Big Ticket Festival.


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