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Heaven on Earth Center - 4 operating as 1


PHASE 1 - Heaven on Earth School for the Arts & Academics 

                  - Heaven on Earth TV                                                      

PHASE 2 - Youth Kingdom Movement                                         

PHASE 3 - Rise and Shine Ranch                                                  

PHASE 4 - Heaven on Earth Adventure Land (H.E.A.L).             




Heaven on Earth School of the Arts and Academics - PHASE 1

A school for the performing arts and academics, to teach and mentor kids from all walks of life (troubled, at-risk, foster, homeschoolers, healthy family, low income, etc) We believe all youth are in need of Godly mentors, gifted teachers and Biblical Christ-centered Christian based schooling. We also believe that performing arts, music and moral entertainment is important and needed for kids to learn discipline, work ethic, focus, and most of all, come to realize their God-given talent. We offer music lessons of all types, dance, theater, acting on/off camera, song-writing, creative writing, performing, on-stage/off-stage production, & art.


The main idea for the school is to integrate Jesus and arts/academics to youth through our teachers, instructors and ‘Star Mentors,’ who will then put on shows for the community, perform on our very own international Heaven on Earth tv show, act in our films, make music videos, sell their artwork, get opportunities to tour with Youth Kingdom Movement in schools across the country, worship and dance at Franklin Prayer House - we want to teach them, then provide for them platforms to express and showcase their talent! Imagine how cool it would be if your kid got to take a lesson from Toby Mac or a musician from Bethel Worship or Kari Jobe? Then perform with them for their community, school or on an international tv show? THIS is what we’re doing! We want these kids inspired! 


During the day we’ll be teaching our students Biblically based academics/arts. We will offer tuition-based and scholarship-based classes to students during normal school hours. After school hours we'll offer music paid lessons of all types to anyone and everyone. A portion of lessons will go to fund our scholarship programs and to Franklin Prayer House (because we believe so highly in the power of prayer and worship of Jesus!).


WORSHIP will be a big focus for every kid. Daily, we will have some aspect of worship and prayer time and our music/dance instructors will teach our youth how to usher in the Holy Spirit with their gifts/talents ...on earth as it is in Heaven.


Youth Kingdom Movement - PHASE 2

Creating youth revival in schools across America (we will also bring some of our youth from Heaven on Earth Arts and Academics with us when we tour schools to help encourage their peers. Click the ‘Youth Kingdom Movement’ tab on the homepage once you’ve read everything below to see more details on that). 


Rise and Shine Ranch - PHASE 3

A full service residential farm and horse therapy ranch to help serve troubled youth/young adults who are coming out of foster care/from the state/disabled/mentally handicap...the full spectrum. Horse therapy, farming crops, counseling, live-on campus mentors/staff, youth/young adult 6-12 month residential programs. We will teach our youth how to ride, farm, live healthy and basic life skills they need to integrate back into society in a healthy, sustainable way.


Heaven on Earth Adventure Land (H.E.A.L) - PHASE 4 

All about the FUN that HEALS! There are new studies and college degrees now in the counseling field outdoor ‘fun’ therapy and that’s what this will be! Dirtbike/ATV tracks, paintball, ziplining/ropes course, lake fun, slides, outdoor games/tournaments/recreation, etc, day camps/youth camps, retreats for all ages. Youth on-campus residential 6-12 month programs. If you can dream it up, it will most likely already be on this 100+ acres!


*Each ministry will be open for public use. We want everyone to support and benefit from each other.

*We will offer jobs to our youth to help run/work our facilities.

*Eventually, once things are proven/established/secure, we are going to bring reform in the youth correctional facilities and prison systems in our region. We want to see youth change/grow/disciplined in a way that is long-lasting, brings them to Jesus and creates disciples that don’t ‘sway’ from the truth.


Heaven on Earth TV - Part of PHASE 1

From our other ministry, Youth Kingdom Movement, Jeremy Ray Borders and great friend and her friend/ministry partner Imran Fazal, founder of (reaches 81 countries, plus Dish Network & One TV Asia(now Sony ONE)).


Mary Tupper travels internationally as a deliverance/healing/worship evangelist...she’s seen the dead raised, blind eyes healed, the lame walk in front of her very eyes from God’s mighty power flowing through her anointing. 


Imran Fazal is known as the Billy Graham of Pakistan. He started a church of 4 people in the year 2000 which grew to 30,000 people...he now puts on some of the largest crusades(some with crowds of over 1 million people) around the world and started, which currently hosts 21 tv shows, one of which him and his wife minister on and host. Their network reaches 81 countries. 


Mary Tupper and Jeremy Ray Borders have been asked to co-write and produce their own ministry/worship/music tv show for their network. It will be based around worship, healing, deliverance, the arts, music and entertainment. We want to use it to connect ministries in the Nashville region and use it to give our youth a platform to share their gifts/talents to the world. We also want to bring on our school’s Star Mentors to interview them and show a performance with their student they helped inspire. TOGETHER, through the favor and help of our great Father in Heaven, Mary Tupper, Jeremy Ray Borders, God's Helping Hands Kingdom Ministries,, our students, our Star Mentors, our teachers, Franklin Prayer House and YOU, we can literally inspire the world, reach the world and bring heaven to earth! 


We cannot do this without your monetary support! We are asking you to get behind this and help this incredible mission in a big way. We’ve all heard ‘it takes a village to raise a kid’ ...well...we are that literal village and we want to raise up child warriors for Jesus Christ ready to take on the world - please help us and donate. We need small, medium and large donations! We also need volunteers and staff of all kinds. Paid positions and volunteer positions available now. Click below to donate and contact us to further help. Email 

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