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2015 marks the start of new and better things - 2014 was a great year of favor from God, bringing the start of a career with Carnival Cruiselines...never thought Carnival would be the catalyst that jump starts my future. Up until now, God has been preparing and getting me ready for things to come...for 10 years I've studied music more intensely, started singing, writing, acting, modeling, networking, managing, scoring, editing, casting...many things I never thought I'd want or need to do (because the first 19 years of my life was literally JUST ABOUT PIANO and a Carnegie Hall hopeful future...which I did play at in 2009 praise JESUS!)....but as of 2013 leading to 2014 and now 2015: ...everything is coming together, things make sense...past questions of WHY and WHEN and WHERE and HOW have definitely been answered and are on their way more than ever before.....ON LAND AND SEA God is opening 'forever' doors of blessing and touring, I have an incredible management team who are great friends with the same vision for the future concert touring, ministry & in general---helping me do what I love and do best---AKA connecting (& loving) PEOPLE---AKA THE WORLD....through music!

GOD is AMAZING! Things come in their due season. God is faithful to START what HE finishes in us. We REAP what we SOW...always and forever, which will never change. Prayer works. Love works. God has a PLAN fo ACTION for YOUR LIFE...we have to follow in HIS footsteps and TRUST things will COME TO US at the right time...because they will...they's a LIFE of faith. Yeah, u can try to do 'life' on ur own and at times u may feel like that 'works' for u, though its always better when ur not alone and have 'someone' to pour ur heart & SOUL out to...let 2015 be a year of victory for u in ur struggles - personal life - with friends - family - career - health . . . . 2015 is a year for making habbits that will change ur life forever and activate a faith...will... determination... for life, people, career that will cause everyone around u to ask what r u doing different?! goal is to be contagious in that way. . .praise the LORD.

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