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This page is dedicated to my great partners

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M O N I C A    E.    D E L L E R 

I have the privilege to write about Monica Deller and her book “Trauma to Triumph.” Her heart is golden, her love for God is genuine and her drive to help see lives changed and restored is so needed for today!


The life-changing principles in this book cut deep to the root of ‘our’ issues we face with mental/physical health, adversity and overcoming defeat, family struggles and how to deal with these circumstances God’s way.


Monica says, “It’s more than ‘my book,’ it’s about the purpose/project, raising awareness and funds for the Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches for kids at potential and families.” That statement alone speaks volumes to her character and why she serves ‘her world’ with such great purpose and calling – this is why I’m honored to support what she does and who she is. She is a real world changer in action, in pursuit of her calling, while delivering such quality material for us to learn and grow from with this book.


I highly recommend partnering with Monica and supporting her ministry – and most of all, buying her new book “Trauma to Triumph!”

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